With their highly specialized knowledge and diverse set of skills, foreign workers give businesses in the United States an extra edge as well as contribute to the country’s economy. However, the business and employment immigration process in the United States still remains a complex one. Unless you have experienced employment and immigration lawyers by your side, hiring foreign nationals can be quite difficult. If you plan to navigate citizenship and immigration laws without any hassle and avoid the legal complexities involved in the process, you should always plan ahead of time and develop an effective visa preparation strategy.

At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we provide expert legal help to both companies and foreign nationals in order to fulfill their business immigration needs in a swift and proper manner. We make it hiring of forein nationals easy for companies so that they can focus on the key aspects of their business.

Bringing Businesses and Employees Together

For individuals planning to migrate to the United States for work, it is crucial to follow the legal procedure and submit a petition to acquire the right to employment. The good news is that the United States offers different types of work visas for foreign nationals who are interested in joining a company in the country. If you want to reside in the United States, you will certainly have the need to get a job so that you can make both ends meet. You can be offered a work visa for a fixed period of time, as per your specific needs. The duration of the employment visa will depend on the type of work you do and the country you belong to.

That is exactly why you are going to need the expert legal help of an employment and immigration lawyer in the U.S.

The Law Office of Tuan Le in Orange County, CA, is an ideal firm where you will get all the help in connection with your immigration and getting employed in the United States. We are a full-service legal firm, which specializes in helping businesses and workers complete the entire employment immigration procedure in a fast and error-free manner so that no valuable time is wasted.

In addition to helping complete the visa preparation and planning, we also assist U.S. employers fill out the forms to secure employees. Our immigration practice is available all across the nation.

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Types of Business and Employment Visas in Orange County CA

Whether you plan to migrate to the US for employment or visit the country on business, you will need to apply for a visa. Based on your specific needs, you should get the right kind of visa. Given below are useful details on many different types of U.S. visas that you may need to fulfill your needs.

Temporary Visit for Business

If you plan to visit the United States on business for a short term, you are going to need one of these business visas.

B-1 Visas: This is a temporary business visa. You will need this via, if you are going to participate in a business activity in the U.S.

GB and WB Visas: This visa is needed for those who want to visit the United States for a limited period. GB and WB visas are required by foreign nations of some specific countries.

Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas

To acquire this work visa for employees, the employer first submits a petition to the concerned authority in the United States. Along with this, the employee or their family members need to apply for the visa as well. Before you step into the country, you will need to get the following work visas.

H Visas: This type of visa is required by non-immigrants arriving in the U.S. for work on a temporary basis. H-visa are given to professionals working in a specific field or doing work in an academic field.

I Visas: Foreign media professionals and journalists will need I-visas for working in the field of journalism. So, this type of visa is issued to members of the press, radio, film and print media. Getting this visa allows these professionals to travel to and work in the United States on a temporary basis.

L Visas: L-1A and L-1B visas are issued to workers for intracompany transfers. If you are employed in a senior level position and your company wants you to transfer to a location in the US, this visa will be required. This happens when a company opens a new office in the United States. The employer will file a petition for the same and you or your family member will need to apply.

O Visas: These temporary work visas for those with extraordinary talent. If you possess exceptional capabilities in fields such as science, arts, education or athletics and want to work in the United States, you will need to apply for O visas. Your talent should have recognition on a national or international level. Classifications in this visa category include O-1A, O-1B, O2 and O3.

P Visas: These short-term employment visas are issued to forein athletes and artists and their immediate families. P visas are usually issued when an athlete or artist wants to hold an event in the United States. The duration of the visa is as long as an event or a tour is completed. In any case, the maximum duration of a P visa is one year. It is also quicker to get this type of visa.

R Visas: These visas are issued to non-immigrant religious workers who want to travel to and work in a non-profit religious organization in the United States. Ministers or people in other religious occupations will need R visas to work in the US on a part-time basis at least. The person getting an R visa will not be allowed to get employed in any role other than a religious worker.

TN Visas: This is an exclusive type of temporary work visa, granted to citizens from Mexico and Canada. These visas are issued on the grounds of an agreement between the United States and Mexico and Canada. The initial duration of this visa is three years, which can increase later.

For more details on the key features and qualification criteria for any of these US work visas, you should reach out to the Law Office of Tuan Le, which provides legal services to both foreign nationals as well as businesses. We have a successful track record of representing individuals all across the United States before the USCIS, AAO and BIO. We also take up a range of immigration matters and help clients in different parts of the world fulfill their immigration needs.

Permanent Immigrant Employment Visas

Employment is a useful method to acquire permanent immigration in the United States. These permanent work visas fall into different categories, based on the type of work, qualification and investment potential.

EB-1 Visa: This type of permanent employment visa is issued to foreign nationals of extraordinary talent, managers in MNCs, professors, researchers etc. There is no need for labor certification in this case. The eligibility of the applicant for permanent residence is a necessary criteria for this visa.

EB-2 Visa: This visa document is granted to professionals of exceptional skills in science, education and arts or people with advanced degrees. Foreign nationals will require a job offer from the employer in the United States as well as need to have an approved labor certification.

EB-3 Visa: This visa is granted to skilled workers and professionals. Getting this permanent work visa involves having a job offer from the employer as well as an approved labor certification.

EB-4 Visa: The United States issues this permanent work visa to ministers and other religious workers with permanent residence eligibility.

EB-5 Visa: If you want to travel to the United States for a business investment, the EB-5 visa is meant for you. The criteria is a minimum investment of $500,000 in any of the targeted employment areas.

Employer Compliance

According to the terms of the Immigration Reform and Control Act, it is the duty of the employers to properly conduct the verification of the eligibility and identity of every worker they want to hire.

To complete the process, employers are required to fill up the Employment Eligibility Verification forms. This applies to all employees, whether they are immigrants or citizens of the United States. Our Law Office in Orange County, California, helps employers complete these forms with accuracy. We also represent a wide range of U.S. employers employee verification audits and investigations. Feel free to talk to our employment and immigration experts for details.

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Business immigration can be quite complex and difficult. Whether you are an employer planning to hire foreign nationals in the US, a non-immigrant worker or a potential business investor, the Law Office of Tuan Le will help you travel to, work and participate in business activities in the US completely hassle-free. Our immigration experts will first come up with a proper visa preparation and planning strategy and then implement it to get the desired results swiftly. With Mr. Le by your side, feel confident you will have your immigration needs fulfilled without any trouble and get any of your immigration matters resolved in a professional manner.

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