When people turn to an attorney to seek expert legal help in various matters, they have a number of questions in their minds. Whether it is immigration or bankruptcy matters, each of these areas is quite complex in regard to laws and how they apply in different circumstances. At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we receive and answer lots of questions asked by our clients. For your convenience, we have created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions related to our practices. If you are on our website for the first time, the FAQ below will help you understand our services and how we help clients in a better way. In case the question you have is not in this list, feel free to reach out to us directly via a phone call or email.

Q. Do you charge for initial consultation?2021-07-05T05:44:10+00:00

A. We offer a free initial consultation. During this telephone conversation, we listen to your specific problem. Our goal is to evaluate the exact requirements of your case as well as find out if we can assist you. For your free consultation, you can simply give us a phone call or fill out the contact form on your website with your name, email, phone number and a brief message. We will get back to you within 24 hours after receiving your message via email.

Q. How much do you charge for your legal services?2021-07-05T05:43:45+00:00

A. Whether it is immigration, bankruptcy or estate planning, each case is different and unique in itself. Our fee structure varies case-wise. For example, we charge different fees for each matter related to immigration, depending on the type of case, the planning it requires and its representation.

After an initial consultation and evaluating the complexities of your case, we will send you a price quote for the sake of transparency. Before we take up your case, you will be fully aware of what to expect.

Q. What sets the Law Office of Tuan Le apart?2021-07-05T05:43:12+00:00

A. Our law firm has built a sound reputation for formulating winning strategies and aggressively representing each of our clients. Whether it is an immigration case, a matter of bankruptcy or an estate planning matter, we passionately and closely work with our clients and deliver expected results. Our office has in-depth knowledge in all the areas that we practice. Above all, we actively listen to each of our clients and do what is best for them and their businesses.

Q. What are your key practice areas?2021-07-05T05:42:40+00:00

A. At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we provide expert legal assistance in the areas of immigration law, bankruptcy law and estate planning. In the matters of immigration, we can represent clients throughout the US. Our bankruptcy legal services are aimed at helping both individuals and small businesses.

Through our estate planning practice, we provide expert legal help to families with the transfer of assets to their legal heirs.

Q. How can I enter the Diversity Visa Program (the “Green Card Lottery”)?2021-07-05T05:42:11+00:00

A. Winning the green card lottery is one way to get approval for permanent residency in the United States. The lottery is held online every year through the official website of the US Department of State. Though entry to this lottery is free, participants must belong to a country which appears in the list of places which have eligibility to participate in the same. Apart from this, the participants also must possess at least a high school diploma or two years of working experience.

For more details in this regard, you should check out the official website of the US Department of State.

Q. Do you accept cases outside California?2021-07-05T05:41:42+00:00

A. Immigration law comes under the federal government. Since it is not state-bound, any immigration attorney located anywhere in the United States can take up such cases and represent their clients in the immigration court. The Law Office of Tuan Le Law has a nationwide practice. We represent individuals throughout the United States before a wide range of government courts and offices such as the USCIS, AAO, immigration courts, BIA, National Visa Center etc.

Q. What type of immigration cases do you take?2021-07-05T05:41:16+00:00

A. At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we take all types of cases related to immigration. Since 2010, Mr. Tuan Le has represented hundreds of clients in a variety of immigration matters including lawful permanent residency, naturalization application, asylum, deportation defense, post-conviction cases, inadmissibility waivers etc. Being a Vietnamese immigrant himself, Mr. Le has dedicated his life to helping others immigrate to the US in a legally approved manner.

Q. What is a green card?2021-07-05T05:36:41+00:00

A. Also referred to as a permanent resident card, a green card is an official document which gives a person official approval to live in the United States without any restriction. Those who hold green cards are formally called lawful permanent residents. Using this card, you can work and live anywhere in the US. You receive this card after your petition for an immigration visa is accepted.

Q. What are the various ways to gain US residency on a permanent basis?2021-07-05T05:35:58+00:00

A. There are multiple ways through which a foreigner can immigrate to the United States on a permanent basis.

  • A qualifying family member who is a US citizen or lawful permanent resident
  • A US employer
  • Getting asylum or obtaining refugee status
  • Diversity Visa Program
  • A qualifying investment
  • Special categories
Q. How can I move to the United States?2021-07-05T05:35:03+00:00

A. Your visa requirements will vary based on whether you want to visit, work or live in the United States. If you plan to study in the US, you need a student visa. Employer visa is for working in the country. A nonimmigrant visa enables you to temporarily settle in the US for a specific duration.

If you seek permanent residency in the US, you will need to obtain an immigrant visa. Since getting this type of visa involves a long and complex process, you should take the help of a US immigration attorney.