Deportation/Removal Proceedings

Individuals who are facing deportation and removal from the United States back to their home countries generally feel like no one is there for them and are hopeless. However, the Law Office of Tuan Le has devoted himself to defending individuals in removal proceedings throughout the United States. He will vigorously defend you in the removal proceedings. Contact us immediately if you believe you are at risk of removal.

Beside success in representing many immigrants in deportation and removal, Tuan Le has also successfully obtained post – conviction relief for his clients in their criminal cases allowing them to keep or get back their green cards.

What are removal proceedings?

After an individual has his/her immigration petition denied by the USCIS (marriage fraud allegations, overstaying visas, criminal convictions), is the subject of an investigation, returns from a trip overseas after having committed a crime with immigration consequences, or is set to be released from serving time for a particular crime with immigration con sequences, the Department of Homeland Security will place the individual into removal proceedings. The individual will receive a Notice to Appear (NTA) from one of the Department of Homeland Security’s sub-agencies such as Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

In every removal proceeding, the matter if not terminated or administratively closed by the Immigration Judge will eventually go to an Individual Hearing (trial) on the merits of the case. At the conclusion of the hearing the Immigration Judge will either grant relief from removal or removal out of the United States.

The laws in removal proceedings have changed vastly over the years and continues to change. Despite the changes the laws in removal proceedings are often times confusing requires the expertise of a professional and the Law Office of Tuan Le is here to help in the defense of your case and obtain the relief you need to maintain your permanent resident status.

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Detention & Bond Hearings

The Law Office of Tuan Le represents clients that are in immigration detention. If you or a family member have been detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), contact our office. Certain non-citizens in ICE detention can be released through an immigration custody hearing with the help our office. The attorneys at the Law Office of Tuan Le has extensive knowledge in the conditions you must meet in order to be released on an immigration bond, and will vigorously argue that INA §236(c) mandatory detention for crimes involving moral turpitude, controlled substances or aggravated felonies do not apply to your case.

In certain circumstances, ICE or the immigration judge may release you “on your own recognizance”, which means you do not have to post an immigration bond. However, ICE or the immigration judge usually sets a bond amount, the minimum being $1,500. If you have already appeared before the immigration judge and cannot pay for the bond that was set, our attorneys can request a redetermination of the bond amount for you. We can request a waiver of the bond or get the bond lowered to an amount you can afford to pay.

The Law Office of Tuan Le will fight hard for the release of our detained immigrant clients. We provide the immigration judge with evidence of our client’s good moral conduct, family ties and strong connections to the community. We will introduce positive equities such as length of time in the area, current employment, a clean criminal record, contributions to the community and close ties to family in the area. If a client comes to us having already been denied a bond or having an unsuccessful redetermination hearing, we will fight for a new redetermination based on a change in circumstances or we appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals for a review.

U.S. Citizenship & Naturalization

The Law Office of Tuan Le represents Legal Permanent Residents in obtaining their U.S. Citizenship. If you are Legal Permanent Resident with criminal convictions, extensive periods spent traveling abroad, or child support issues and tax issues, you will face many hurdles when applying for U.S. citizenship including possibly triggering deportation or removal proceedings. We have successfully represented many clients in obtaining citizenship despite having criminal convictions, extensive periods spent traveling abroad, or child support issues and tax issues.

At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we can help you overcome many hurdles that Permanent Residents face in obtaining U.S. citizenship and we will make sure you understand how you can obtain citizenship. If you or a family member is ready to pursue your U.S. citizenship, contact us today.

The basic USCIS requirements to obtain naturalization in the United States are below:

  • Permanent Resident for 5 years or married to a U.S. citizen for 3 years
  • Have been physically present in the U.S. for an aggregate of half the 5 or 3 year period.
  • Be 18 years of age, if using the basic immigration application
  • Have lived continuously in the U.S. for five years without leaving for more than 6 months continuously
  • Be of good moral character
  • Show sufficient knowledge of U.S. history and government, with exceptions for older or disabled applicants
  • Be able to read, write and speak Basic English, with exceptions for older or disabled applicants
  • Be a resident for three months at the address on your immigration application
  • Support the U.S. Constitution
  • Take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States

If you are currently having any immigration related issues, have a complicated immigration matter, or are in removal proceedings, call our office today for a consultation.