Are you looking for effective representation in your immigration case? Removal proceedings are the most difficult and complex of all immigration matters. Often, a person facing deportation and removal from the United States finds himself or herself in a very tough spot, where he feels helpless and hopeless. If you are one of those individuals who want comprehensive representation in all types of immigration matters, you should always turn to an immigration lawyer who has a successful track record for representing these cases in an effective manner.

One such place where you’ll get expert help and sound legal representation in a variety of immigration cases is the Law Office of Tuan Le. Mr. Le has a solid reputation for successfully and aggressively defending an individual’s most important rights in removal and deportation proceedings.

What are Removal Proceedings?

Previously referred to as deportation, removal is the procedure through which the US government removes a non-US citizen from the United States based on an Immigration Judge’s removal order.

It is in the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to initiate a removal proceeding against an individual who is in the United States illegally or by acquiring a green card. A non-US citizen can attract the attention of the immigration authorities in multiple ways.

A non-citizen could become a subject of investigation, if he or she:

  • Returns from an overseas trip after doing something illegal
  • Has a scheduled release from serving time for a criminal activity with a dubious immigration status
  • A failed application for asylum or a green card

If the illegal activities that the individual participates in have immigration consequences, the DHS will commence removal proceedings against that individual. In many cases, non-citizens come on the radar of the DHS, when someone gives a phone-in tip about the person living illegally in the United States. Or, a non-citizen may attract attention during a workplace raid by the immigration department.

In all such cases, the DHS will serve the individual an NTA (Notice to Appear) in a US immigration court. Usually sent by the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), the notice will include the following details.

  • The pretext for starting the removal proceedings
  • Nature and type of the proceeding
  • The individual’s right to engage an attorney
  • The consequences of ignoring the scheduled hearings

The removal or deportation proceedings will be carried out before an immigration judge, who will hear the case and determine whether the individual should be removed or get discretionary relief. If the immigration judge doesn’t administratively terminate the legal proceedings, the matter will be listed for an Individual Hearing which is basically a court trial. When the hearing finally comes to an end, the immigration judge will deliver an order either to give the individual some relief or remove him or her from the US.

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Removal Proceeding Laws Continue to Change

Over the years, the laws concerning removal proceedings have undergone many changes. In fact, these laws keep changing on a constant basis. Regardless of the changes that happen in this area of immigration legislation, removal procedure laws are complex and confusing.

If you are facing removal, you must seek the expert consultation of an immigration lawyer to understand the current situation and find out the most ideal solution to your specific problem. At the Law Office of Tuan Le, you’ll receive the expert legal assistance of Tuan Le, who carries comprehensive experience relating to all matters of immigration and removal proceedings. Mr. Le has represented multiple cases for a wide range of clients and brought them relief to preserve their permanent resident status in the United States. Whether it is you, a family member, or a colleague, you can always rely on Mr. Le’s broad experience and in-depth knowledge to defend your case and succeed in obtaining your relief from removal.

From the moment you step into the Law Office of Tuan Le and decide to hand over your case to our immigration attorney, you’ll be in direct communication with Mr. Le and remain fully updated with every development in your case. Individualized attention, professionalism, and regular access to the immigration lawyer are three key things that set our law office apart.

Immigration Detention and Bond Hearings

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) detains a large number of individuals who have violated the immigration laws. The majority of these people are arrested near the US border every year by the US Customs and Border Protection. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement detains individuals from the inside of the United States. After being detained by these agencies, the individuals are in one of around 200 detention facilities spread across the country.

The rules that apply to individuals in immigration custody are very specific. There are multiple factors that determine what rules will apply in a particular case of immigration detention. The detention rules may also vary from one state to another, depending on how federal courts interpret the immigration laws in the state of your residence. If you, a friend, or a family member has been detained by the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), you will have eligibility for release on the grounds of some specific set of criteria. In some situations, the detained non-citizen can be released on an immigration bond. However, you’ll require the help of an experienced immigration attorney who will aggressively argue your case.

The Law Office of Tuan Le has assisted numerous detained non-citizens in getting released by way of vigorous representation and arguing that INA §236(c) mandatory detention doesn’t apply in your case.

If you are not a “flight-risk” or a “danger to the community”, the immigration judge may give a release order on your own recognizance, which will not require an immigration bond. This, however, happens in very few cases. Usually, the ICE or the immigration judge will set a bond amount. If you have already failed to pay the bond amount, our law office can help you by requesting a reconsideration of the bond amount. We’ll either get the bond amount entirely waived or get the bond amount reduced to the minimum so that it becomes affordable for you.

The Law Office of Tuan Le has the knowledge to help obtain a quick release of the detained client. The removal proceeding takes a lot of time to complete, but the detainee can be released, if the bond is pursued in an effective manner. Our immigration attorney will gather all the supporting evidence to convince the judge of the detainee’s good moral conduct and community relations. Even if your bond has already been refused, our law office will submit a reconsideration request on the ground of circumstantial changes. Alternatively, we can also appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) review of the decision.

Help with Obtaining US Citizenship for Legal Permanent Residents

Immigration US Citizenship -Orange, CA

Are you unable to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from getting US citizenship? Individuals face different kinds of hurdles when applying for citizenship in the United States. These may include criminal conviction, prolonged stay overseas, child support issues, tax issues, etc.

At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we have successfully represented a variety of cases, from simple to complex, for legal permanent residents in obtaining their US citizenship. No matter what your specific issues are, you should head straight to our office and discuss your case with our immigration attorney. Even if you have criminal convictions or other hurdles, we’ll help you understand your current situation to pursue and obtain United States citizenship.

Delivering the Best Solution to Your Immigration Needs is Our Goal

Individuals struggle with a wide range of immigration matters. The Law Office of Tuan Le in Orange, CA, offers the most effective solutions to all kinds of immigration matters that you may face.

Different types of immigration matters include:

  • Family-based immigration
  • Employment-based immigration
  • VAWA
  • U and T visas
  • Removal defense
  • Immigration hardship waivers
  • Asylum
  • BIA Appeals
  • AAO Appeals
  • Criminal immigration issues
  • Federal litigation

If you already have orders of removal out of the United States or you have been refused US immigration visas, our immigration attorney can provide expert advice, handle your case, and offer the best solutions. Since the domain of immigration matters is a complex one with the rules and regulations constantly changing, the immigration lawyer you choose matters. That is exactly why you should always seek legal assistance from an attorney who is experienced, skilled and competent.

You Can Always Rely on Our Immigration Law Experience and Hard Work

At the Law Office of Tuan Le, we give each of our clients personalized attention. Our immigration attorney makes sure that the clients stay updated on what we are working on and how we plan to achieve the desired results. We have helped plenty of clients get the best solutions for their varying immigration matters. Whether you are looking to obtain your US citizenship through naturalization, green card, VAWA status, U Visa, hardship waivers, or EB1 extraordinary ability green cards, our office will help you deal with all of these in a professional manner.

Our immigration attorney has represented a wide variety of immigration matters for individuals and won removal proceedings. Through our immigration law experience, commitment to each case, and our resilience, we have helped numerous clients legally stay in the United States.

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The Law Office of Tuan Le offers you the most essential thing that you expect of an immigration lawyer – honesty and integrity. Since 2010, Mr. Tuan Le has represented clients across the United States in numerous immigration matters and helped them stay in the US legally. If you are struggling to find the most ideal solution to your specific immigration issue or facing a removal proceeding, give our office a quick phone call and schedule your consultation right away.