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The Law Office of Tuan Le handles all aspects of your and your family’s estate planning needs. Estate planning lawyer Tuan Le will guide you through the process of preserving your assets for your family when you are no longer here. If you have a recent death in the family, we can represent you before the Probate Court and the complex administration of the estate.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is where you make arrangements for the management and disposition of assets, both during your life and after your death. The planning involves several aspects including legal, tax, investment, financial planning, and life insurance. When you plan an estate, you anticipate death and inheritance taxes and keep the taxes to your heirs and beneficiaries as low as possible. Estate planning also allows you to decide who will be the beneficiaries of your wealth rather than the government. An estate plan provides you with control over how, when, and to whom your assets are distributed. It will also appoint who will administer those assets (executor, trustee, etc.). If you were to die without an estate plan (a will or trust) the Courts will decide how all of this is done regardless of you or your family’s desires.

Generally, an estate plan can include living trust, health care directive, power of attorney, and pour-over wills.

Probate Lawyer

The Law Office of Tuan Le offers services in the administration of your loved one’s estate. These services include probating the estate and trust litigation issues. We understand the grief process that the surviving family members go through when a loved one has passed on. We will take a personalized approach to make the process as easy as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in this area of law.

We at the Law Office of Tuan Le are here to serve all of your Estate Planning needs. Call us today for a consultation.

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